Turd Ferguson- Gold & Silver Correction Almost Over Big Move Coming In 2013

Turd Ferguson of TF Metals Report http://www.tfmetalsreport.com/ is quite the character. He’s smart, honest and funny and one of the best analysts of the precious metals markets out there. Turd used to post and comment on Zero Hedge and his commentary garnered the interest of his own website and paid newsletter.

In this 32 minute interview, Jason and Turd discuss their backgrounds in the financial services and broker industry and how they woke up.

Turd also analyzes the precious metals markets, if he thinks the correction is almost over, his views of the macroeconomic situation and his views of mining stocks.

Click here to download the interview!

About Mo Dawoud

Mo Dawoud graduated from James Madison University with a BA in Finance. He is the Co-Founder of Wall St for Main St, which is a financial education company focusing on educating, consulting and providing information on the economy and the market to contemporary Main Street investors. Mo believes in Austrian economic and free market economy and he is an expert in technical analysis and fundamental analysis. He was featured on The Financial Sense, The Money Show, Forbes, The Daily Gold and Kerr Trading International. He co-authored Treasure Hunting for Precious Metals Stocks Report with Jason Burack and Chris Marchese.
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